When you apply for this position, prospective employers assume you know how to create and implement a comprehensive set of security standards, policies and procedures. You should also be able to organize all security functions in your new job and indicate how you’ll provide for the “physical security and safety of employees, facilities and assets.”

Fortunately, there are a number of strong academic programs in the U. S. that can prepare you for this career. You’ll learn about the daily crises that you may need to handle so that your entire workplace can easily weather brief security breaches and other challenges.

Here’s additional information about the types of skills you’ll need and the various daily task you may need to handle. Additional information is also provided regarding reasonable salary expectations and similar job titles that may involve many of the skills you already possess.

Required Training, Experience and Personal Character

  • About sixty percent (60 %) of those who are employed in this position have a Bachelor’s degree – while another twenty percent (20%) hold a Master’s degree. Years of strong work experience are also valued – roughly fifteen percent (15%) of those who are employed as Security Managers have only completed an Associate’s degree;
  • Employers are looking for people with a strong sense of ethics who live highly responsible lives. You’ll also need a background free of any type of criminal behavior so you can readily qualify for whatever security clearances may be required;
  • Although specific professional certificates and credentials [such as the Certified Information Systems Professional (CISSP) credential] may not be required, it’s always wise to secure such proof of your knowledge and expertise – especially when you do not have a high-level academic degree.

Specific Job Duties Can Include the Following Tasks

  • Being able to respond to “medical emergencies, bomb threats, fire alarms, or intrusion alarms – while following emergency response procedures;”
  • Knowing how to address all apparent security breaches or attacks – be they against your employer’s assets or workers;
  • Being able to protect the safety of all workers and guests in the workplace, constantly making sure only appropriate employees and visitors are allowed access to various offices and project areas;
  • Knowing how to “develop, implement, manage, or evaluate policies and methods to protect personnel against harassment, threats, or violence;”
  • Using established protocols (or those you help draft and implement), while “communicating security status, updates, and actual or potential problems;”
  • Being able to properly investigate, resolve and document all security threats against workplace assets and personnel while developing new procedures to prevent similar security incidents in the future;
  • Have strong training skills that allow you teach all employees about properly implementing security protocols and responding appropriately to any actual breaches;
  • Being able to develop security budgets as needed.

Required/Desirable Skills

  • Having the ability to “monitor security policies, programs or procedures to ensure compliance with internal security policies, licensing requirements or applicable government security requirements, policies and directives;”
  • Knowing how to “develop or manage integrated security controls to ensure confidentiality, accountability, recoverability or audit ability of sensitive [proprietary] information or technology resources;”
  • Understanding how to properly interact with all levels of workplace management regarding security issues – as well as all law enforcement, fire and similar agencies;
  • Knowing how to regularly audit all security procedures being implemented; making sure all workers avoid creating unnecessary threats by bypassing security protocols;
  • Always displaying strong interpersonal and management skills while encouraging others to make creative suggestions for improving overall workplace security.

Reasonable Salary Expectations/Similar Job Titles

In 2012, the median annual wage for this position was $100,890 ($48.51 hourly). Roughly 828,000 professionals were employed in this position in 2010. Between 2010 and 2020, approximately249,400 job openings are expected in this field.

Different employers hire Security Managers using similar job titles including: Director of Security Management; Corporate Security Manager; and Security Services and Safety Systems Support Manager.

 dditional Resources for Learning More about This Position
As already noted above, one of the best Internet resources for learning about the Security Manager position is the O*Net Online website.

Since the specific job duties for Security Managers are closely tailored to the needs of each government or corporate workplace, always be sure to request a detailed job description before applying for any one of these positions. This will help you better prepare for each interview and create a resume that highlights all pertinent training and experience.